World Bank Wrap Up Meeting with Ministry of Energy on Energy Access Project

Roadmap for Energy Sustainability Launched by the Minister of Energy

The Minister of Energy Alongside British High Commissioner Donates Solar Lanterns to Mudslide Survivors

The Minister of Energy Presents 143MW Bumbuna II Project Documents to President Koroma

President Koroma Launches Rural Renewable Energy Project in Conakry Dee

The Minister of Energy Launches the Bo-Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Extension

The Ministry of Energy holds Fruitful Kick-off Meeting with Turkish Delegation

The Ministry of Energy signs $12.6M Implementing Agreement for 6MW Solar Park

The Ministry of Energy Establishes Solar Electrification of CHCs

The Ministry of Energy Through the Energy Access Project Delivers Four Transformers

Minister of Energy Commissions New High Spec Shield Wire Transformer for Makeni in Bumbuna

The Ministry of Energy Hands Over Solar Street Lights to the Councils

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Construction of the Electrification Distribution Network, The Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Single and Triple Phase STS Prepayment Meters, and Distribution Transformers, the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 4800 Street Lights                   Date: 18th September 2017

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The Project - “Reinforcement and Extension of the Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Network in the Freetown Area, Construction of two Customer Service Centres and Supply of Prepaid Meters” is geared towards providing improved quality of electricity supply in a coordinated manner and relief against shortage of power distribution in the Freetown Area.          Project Update
IDB Project
Energy Access Project
The Energy Access Project (EAP) which has been designed with the objective to :
(i) Reduce losses in electricity supply in Freetown Capital Western Area;
(ii) Improve commercial performance of the Electricity Distribution & Supply Authority (EDSA); and
(iii) Increase access to electricity in selected rural areas.
Project Update
Ministers of Justice and Energy sign Legal Framework to fight Utiliy Seepages
Ministers of Justice and Energy sign Legal Framework to fight Utiliy Seepages
Summarised Guidelines of Pre-Qualification Energy Project Proposals
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MoE Webmail
Ministry of Energy
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Invitation for Bids for Installation Works of the Mini-grids Network Distribution Infrastructure in the Rural Villages in Sierra Leone                            Date: 27th October 2017
Checkout New Tender on Network Infrastrcuture         The SLEWRC Draft Mini-grid Regulations
Design, Supply, Install Commission of a 10MW HFO Thermal Plant Facility with the provision of Civil Works for additional 2x10MW units)       Date: 17th August 2017
Energy Efficiency Policy
Renewable Energy Policy
The Minister of Energy, Amb Henry Macauley launches the new Energy Flash Program.
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Public Notice 16th October 2017
Ministry of Energy Receives Investors Through Sierra Leone High Commissioner to Britain
Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to Britain on Monday 2nd October 2017 through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation arrived at the Ministry of Energy with a high delegation of investors on Electricity ....... 
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Ministry of Energy on Pre-Commissioning Assessment of Projects
Ministry of Energy Completes ESIA in Four Disricts and Engages Communities on Rural Renewable Energy Projects
The Ministry of Energy has completed a pre-commissioning assessment on the Charlotte, Bankasoka & Makali Mini hydro plants from the 28th to 29th October 2017 ....... 
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From the 31st October to the 3rd November 2017, the Ministry of Energy, UNOPS, EPA, Local Government and stakeholders have completed an assessment in Kono, Bombali, Moyamba & Port Loko ....... 
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Amendment No. 01 to Invitation of bids for the Installation Works of the Mini-grid Network Distribution
Infrastructure in Rural Villages in Sierra Leone
PRESS RELEASE - 17th November 2017 UK Aid through Ministry of Energy provides over 3,700 Solar Lanterns
The Minister of Energy Receives Outstanding Public Leadership Achievement Award
Energy Ministry Receives Moyamba Hydro Feaibility Study Report
The Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley has once again won an annual award known as ‘Outstanding Public Leadership Achievement Award’ on Saturday 25th November 2017 at the Bintumani Hotel in Freetown..........
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Monday 27th November 2017 marked another milestone in the Renewable Energy aspect of the Energy sector in Sierra Leone, as the Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley received  a detailed feasibility study report of the 16 MW Hydro dam for Moyamba....... 
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SLEWRC Draft Mini-grid Regulation
President Koroma Launches Newton Solar Park & Commissions Bankasoka & Other Hydro Dams
President Koroma alongside the Ministry of Energy and Partners and the Chinese Embassy, on Tuesday 12th December 2017 commissioned the Bankasoka Hydro Dam 
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