The role that energy plays in the alleviation of poverty and in economic development is well known. Indeed, it
can be argued that, without the sustained and concerted effort to provide modern energy to all segments of the
population, development goals will not be reached. It is thus discouraging that the country still lacks clear
comprehensive policies and strategies for the energy sector.

A number of attempts have been made since 2001 to develop an energy policy, but these efforts were not
pursued and the Cabinet and Parliament of Sierra Leone have yet to adopt and publicize a National Energy
Policy, which will govern the process of energy provision and use in the country. The CEMMAT Group study was
quite comprehensive and pooled together the inputs of various stakeholders in fora organized for the purpose.
Recently, the Ministry of Energy and Power drafted a policy document but it was not yet sent to Cabinet.

In recognition of the importance of energy in the nationís development, the President of the Republic of Sierra
Leone, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has declared energy as one of his highest priorities. The Ministry of
Energy and Water Resources, is aware that the expectations of the President will not be met, unless and until a
clear and comprehensive policy is established, on the basis of which, action will be taken to address the energy
needs of the country. It is in this light that a small team of Sierra Leonean energy practitioners to elaborate an
updated energy policy, which takes into account and builds on all the past efforts undertaken within the country
to develop policies and strategies in the energy sector. This team examined the available documentation, sought
updated data from various sources within the country and put together this document.
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Author: Thomas J. Bindi
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